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Why Use Moisturizer? Here’s What Happens if You Don’t

It’s about time to stop looking at our moisturizers and lotions like cinnamon in your coffee– smells good but not necessary. Our skin is a living organ, exposed to the harsh environment conditions. It needs proper care to perform its function properly which includes daily moisturization. Like all other living cells in our bodies, skin cells need water to perform its biological functions.  If that is not enough to convince you of its importance, here are 4 reasons you should think about the next time you skip your moisturizer:

1. Skipping moisturizer compromises skin barrier

When this happens, skin is more prone to bacteria leading to redness, acne and other infections.  If you are acne prone, don’t skip your moisturizer because you think it’s causing your acne. Instead, look for another moisturizer that suits you best. It is important to consider using an oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer along with your acne regimen.

Some oil-free moisturizers:



2. Dry skin accelerates the appearance of wrinkles

Low levels of skin moisture leads to breakdown of collagen (fiber responsible for skin firmness) and elastin (which supplies skin elasticity and rebound) which results to accelerated aging and early appearance of wrinkles.


3. Flawed Make up

Concealer creases are horrible and frustrating. These are worsened by poor skin hydration because makeup sticks to dry areas on the skin and even seeps into fine lines. Prior to applying make up, make sure you apply your moisturizer. Moisturizers with SPF will be a good option.


Moisturizers with SPF that’s great under make-up:



4. Poor moisture is the cause of Flaky Skin

Normally, our skin naturally sheds off dead skin cells in a process called desquamation. However, when the skin lacks moisture, the rate of desquamation is disturbed. Poor skin hydration causes the skin to flake due to poor adherence of skin cells with each other. At extreme dehydration, skin starts to peel off abnormally.

Products for extremely dry and flaky skin:



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