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The Quest for Beauty Pill : Beauty Supplements that Work

If you rely solely on skin care products to achieve a healthy-looking skin, you are missing a huge chunk of opportunity for a more holistic approach in your beauty regimen. The quest for great skin should not end in finding the magic beauty balm that works wonder for you. Find the right magic pill and you’re a step closer to your best skin ever.

Beauty supplements that improve the condition and overall appearance of your skin is something you should consider if  you don’t have them yet. It is a good way to support your skin care routine to keep your skin healthy from within. Different beauty supplements are emerging in its fast growing market, but which of these actually works? Swallowing 20 variety of pills everyday is of course uneconomical and potentially harmful if you’re hoping to benefit from every beauty supplement there is. It is important therefore to determine what your body needs and which supplement will give that bang for your buck.

Here are beauty supplements that have shown to have positive effects on skin based on several studies.  These supplements has multiple functions to your health besides improving your skin condition.


Vitamin E

Our skin cells are protected by an outer cell membrane, consisting of two sheets of lipid molecules (called lipid bilayer). As an antioxidant, Vitamin E intercalate in these sheets and prevent degradation of our cell membranes from free radicals. Vitamin E also decreases the damage caused by UV radiation. 

This made a difference in my skin and I swear by this supplement. It is best paired with vitamin C to create a powerful combination of antioxidant.

Brand: The Puritan’s Pride

Recommended Dosage: 400 IU, 1 softgel/day

Price: PHP 4.79/softgel

Where to buy: www.puritanspride.ph

 Brand: Myra E

Recommended dosage: 400 IU (1 soft gel ) per day

Price: PHP 8.16/soft gel

Where to buy: Mercury drug, Rose Pharmacy and other local drug stores

Brand: Kirkland

Recommended dosage: 400 IU (1 soft gel) per day

Price: 2.4/soft gel

Where to buy: www.vitaminworldph.com, www.lazada.com.ph

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) contains fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps improve condition of skin suffering from inflammations such as eczema and psoriasis. A study by Muggli R. (2005) also shows that skin parameters such as skin moisture, elasticity, firmness, fatigue resistance and roughness improved by 12.9%, 4.7$, 16.7%, 14.2% and 21.7% respectively with supplementation of EPO.  It is important to note though that these effects are only visible after 4 weeks of continuous use so patience, ladies. Soft, supple and flawless skin does not happen overnight.


Brand: Puritan’s Pride

Recommended dosage: 1-5 softgels per day

Price:PHP 8.575 per softgel

Where to buy: www.puritanspride.ph

Brand:Health and Naturals

Recommended Dosage: 1 soft gel per day

Price: PHP 5.5 per softgel

Where to buy: http://www.lazada.com.ph

Brand: ATC

Recommended dosage: 1 softgel per day

Price:PHP 8.575 per softgel

Where to buy: watsons, mercury drug , rose pharmacy and other local drugstores


The exact mechanism of zinc as an acne treatment has not been fully elucidated but it has shown to minimize sebum production and inflammation in research several studies. Zinc is also responsible for wound repair hence, effective in not just in  prevention but also as treatment for acne. Zinc plays a role in the biological functions of over 300 enymes in your body and promotes production of white blood cells…..in short… you need zinc.

If you are serious, however, with your acne problem, you might want to consider Lactezin. It contains combination of Lacteferrin, Zinc and Vitamin E. Lacteferrin  is isolated from milk whey protein. It helps acne treatment by decreasing skin surface lipids and sebum, thus preventing pores from clogging. It also deprives skin-resident Propionibacterium acnes (acne-causing bacteria) elements necessary for growth.  Its anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties creates a synergistic effect with zinc.

Brand: Lactezin

Dosage: 2 tablets daily

Price: PHP 20 per tablet

Where to buy: Watsons, Mercury drug and other local pharmacies

Brand: Good n Natural, Zinc for Acne

Dosage: 2 tablets daily

Price: PHP 5.50 per tablet

Where to buy: www.vitaminworld.ph, www.lazada.com.ph, also available in Watsons stores

Brand: Zinc For Acne- Puritans pride

Dosage: 2 tablets daily

Price: PHP 3.59 per tablet

Where to buy: www.puritanspride.com.ph\


Every Filipina is familiar with “gluta” – a powerful skin whitening agent that has gained its reputation in the Philippine beauty industry.  Whitening products containing glutathione has filled the shelves of the beauty section formulated as lotions, toners, night cream, bath soaps, etc. For improved efficacy, it is also administered intravenously or taken orally as a food supplement. It has also been shown in studies that glutathione may improve muscle development and delay muscle fatigue.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant. It is also an effective systemic skin-lightening agent that works by inhibiting the production of melanin. Below are just some of the many available choices in the Philippines.

Brand: Royal L –Gluta Power

Dosage: 1-2 caps daily (500 mg per capsule)

Price: PHP 56 per capsule

Where to buy: www.royaleph.com

Brand: Snow Caps

Dosage: 1 capsule daily (500 mg per capsule)

Price: PHP 49.83

Where to buy: Mercury drug stores, South drugstores

Brand: Relumins

Dosage: 1 cap per day (1000 mg per cap)

Price: 16.50 per cap

Where to buy: http://www.lazada.com.ph

Brand: Watsons   Glutathione and Milk Thistle with Alpha Lipoic Acid

Dosage: 1 cap per day (500 mg per cap)

Price: PHP 33 per capsule

Where to buy: All watsons stores


Collagen is a structural protein that holds skin cells together to enhance firmness and elasticity of skin. Collagen also induce the production of hyaluronic acid, chemicals that are responsible of the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Dry skin is dull skin-hence we gotta keep that skin hydrated to keep it soft and supple.  Collagen density in our skin decrease as we age. As collagen decreases there is also a decrease in dermal thickness and accumulation of degraded collagen fragments. This overall loss of strength and elasticity results to sagging and wrinkling. Degradation of collagen is also accelerated by sun exposure.

Supplemental collagen are available in the nutricosmetical market which consist of a mix of peptides (peptides are basically protein, chopped in smaller molecules) of different length to replace the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid caused by aging and sun exposure. Collagen are very complex proteins with huge molecular mass and is not easily absorbed by the skin. Thus, collagen as ingredient topical creams do little or none in minimizing appearance of wrinkles. Supplements on the other hand are better options since collagen needs to be synthesized form within.

Brand: NeoCell

Dosage: 6 capsules per day

Price: PHP 4.64 per capsule

Where to buy: www.lazada.com.ph

Brand: Youtheory Advanced Formula

Dosage: 6 capsules per day

Price: PHP 5.15 per capsule

Where to buy: www.lazada.com.ph

Brand: Collagen + Vit C + Zinc

Dosage: 1 tablet per day

Price: PHP 13.00 per capsule

Where to buy: All Watsons Store

Take Home:

  • Choose supplements with multiple benefits so you can get the most of your money. For example, choose Zinc with Vitamin C and E or Glutathione with collagen over pure zinc or glutathione only


  • Be patient. Our bodies react differently to supplements and complex biological processes do not yield results overnight.


  • Our skin is an organ itself. Hence, what our skin needs is also needed for other functions in our body.


  • Avoid eating junk. Do not rely on supplements to provide the nutrients your body needs


  • It is very important to let your physician know of the supplements that you wish to take to discuss possible contraindications.




Maria O. Longas a Durga K. Bhuyan b, Kailash C. Bhuyan b, Christine M. Gutsch a and Karl O. Breitweiser (1993) Dietary vitamin E reverses the effects of ultraviolet light irradiation on rat skin glycosaminoglycans , Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 239-244

Marinal GuptaVikram K. Mahajan,* Karaninder S. Mehta, and Pushpinder S. Chauhan (2014), Zinc Therapy in Dermatology: A Review,  Dermatol Res Pract.

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Article written by:

Anne Porter

Hi! I’m Anne. I am a chemical engineer from Cebu, Philippines. I created Zarins Beautylab because of my love for cosmetics, skin care products and all other stuff that makes me (and you) look and feel beautiful. My semesters of chemistry courses come in handy as I explain the science behind different beauty products: which works and how it works. Well, Sometimes its science and sometimes its just good ol’ common sense.

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