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Sleep: The Cheapest (yet very effective) Beauty Treat

You probably clicked on this article because you want to get clear skin for free. You’ve come to the right place. It costs 0 cash and doesn’t require any sweat. SLEEP – that’s the answer.

But nowadays, people constantly sacrifice sleep for other means of pleasure like social media, going out, work or school. As of now, getting enough sleep is an obstacle.

Yet, sleep has no replacement. Take a look on the reasons why we should prioritize sleep in our daily routine.


Why sleep?

  1. Sleep is our hormone’s best friend              

    Everyone looks cute when sleeping

Have you ever heard of the saying that goes, “Sleeping is one of the ways to escape your problem”? It doesn’t really solve your problem 100% – BUT it does help you in keeping yourself calm and peaceful.

Stress hormones are lowered when you sleep. Too much of this hormone doesn’t just lead you to a bad day but also a poor skin.

Also, when there is a fluctuation of hormones, food cravings attack us. Sweet, salty and fatty foods are more tempting than ever. And we all know that a bad diet results to terrible skin.

  1. Free Anti-Aging

    Correction: Sleep keeps me young

Collagen is the elixir of youth. And guess what? Skin produces collagen when we are asleep. It rejuvenates itself without having us to do anything but rest, escape reality and enter the realm of dreamland.

  1. Rosy cheeks without blush                                                         

Getting enough sleep makes us bloom like a rose. We don’t need a blusher or liptint just to make us look like we’re blushing, all we need to do is get on your bed and sleep. Being sleep-deprived makes us look like lifeless humans without a hint of color in our face. This is because our blood flow decreases when we lack sleep.

  1. Products become more productive

When we’re sleeping, we aren’t exposed to sun nor any dust that came from the environment. Products then aren’t busy defending the skin from any radicals. Instead, they get to do their job better.

  1. Makes us smile more

    Look at that beautiful smile

We all have experienced it. We’re as cranky as  Grumpy –one of the dwarfs in Snow White – when we lack sleep. But when we do, you’d be a ball of sunshine for the day.

  1. Energized

    Yep, enough energy to run and run

Not only we feel energized, but we also look energized. No puffy eyes, no dark circles, just sparkling eyes that dazzle. You don’t need to cake yourself with that concealer anymore, girl. Sleep got your back.


What happens if you don’t sleep?

  1. Nightmarish eyes (puffy and dark circles)

People would constantly ask if you’re okay or not. Trust me, it happens, been there done that. No matter how much makeup you put on to hide those evidences. People can still see it through. No escape route here.

  1. Swollen face

Your cheeks are going to look swollen due to dehydration. Thus, it would set the illusion of a chubby face. Another probable cause could be the midnight snacks you have eaten last night.

  1. Worsen inflammatory conditions                                                                    

Sleep improves immune system. Therefore, you’d have a higher chance of becoming a victim of inflammatory conditions on your skin. Sleep is going to be your shield.

  1. Your skin doesn’t adapt

You thought your skin could adapt to your new sleeping habit – HA! Think again. Just because you are used to sleeping for 4 hours for a long time doesn’t mean that your skin is already okay with that amount. Your skin doesn’t treat 4 hours as 8 hours but only as four hours. You get what I mean? In short, you just have to sleep. There’s no shortcuts.

  1. Watch out for mood swings                       

    Happy to sad to up to down! A roller coaster of emotions indeed

Hormones go cray-cray when you don’t get enough sleep. You’re going to have mood swings. What’s the use of the time for makeup when you’re just going to frown all day? You’d be stressed and being stressed is an enemy for beauty.

Make the most out of your sleep

  1. Make your room as dim as possible


Black out your windows, limit artificial lighting and don’t use gadgets an hour before going to sleep. The things mentioned can really disrupt your sleeping pattern. If those doesn’t work, put on a sleep mask.

  1. Can’t sleep? Play music                                 

Search for chill music on Youtube or Spotify. Music does a lot in reducing your stress and making you sleep more. If you don’t want music, you can always try white noise.

  1. Have a soothing bath

    Bathe your stress away!

I don’t know about you but a bath or shower before going to sleep makes me sleep quicker than normal. It just gets rid of thoughts that bugs me, keeping me awake.

  1. Cake your face with creams and put Vaseline on lips

As being mentioned above, products get productive. Nighttime is the best time to apply those moisturizers and cream.

  1. Drink up a glass of warm milk

If you can’t sleep, have a glass of warm milk. It contains tryptophan which induces sleep. It is a sedative for those who are having a hard time sleeping. Go milk!

  1. Read a book

    Read and sip!

Instead of scrolling on your phone at night, read a book. Through reading, your eyes would probably get tired and would beg for sleep. It could also take you off to another place which is away from the harsh reality which is a great thing actually.


Beauty isn’t only about what is going on outside but also inside.

So go girl, take a nap or a deep sleep. You totally deserve it.

Article written by:

Belle Torre

Hi! My name is Belle Torre, your average student and a young writer who’s passionate about sharing the importance of self-care. Join me and lets have a journey to loving ourselves more and being happier one step at a time :)

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