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Drugstore product favorites: My Facial Cleansing Routine

Coming home tired and groggy almost everyday gives me little time (and energy) to go through complicated facial skin care steps. I am sharing to you my wonderful Watsons drugstore finds that pretty much cover my entire facial cleansing routine. These babies are cheap but don’t compromise performance –that’s why I’m a fan.

1.Biore Cleansing oil

This one is actually bought in Taiwan. I hoarded Biore products when it was on sale in all Watsons-Taipei stores. It’s available in all Watsons stores in the Philippines too.

Biore Cleansing Oil

Biore Cleansing Oil PHP 320 (150 mL) Available at Watsons Store, and their Official Lazada store

How I use my cleansing oil:

It’s the first step in my double cleansing routine. I just dispense a single pump and massage all over my face. Because this stuff is oil based, it removes all dirt and all other nasty stuff that doesn’t wash away with just water- including waterproof make up. For eye makeup, which are usually the ones difficult to remove, I use my ever reliable tissue paper. You would want to get the softer ones so it wouldn’t be too rough on the skin (or cotton pads).

A lonely Tissue paper to remove my make up

A lonely Tissue paper to remove my make up

This one is the same stuff I wipe my ass with… not a very good idea. Stop judging me…these were the only ones available at the moment.

Cleansing Oils

A nice visualization of how oil cleansers work: They like to bind with foreign materials on face that doesn’t come off with just water

Double cleansing is a two-step cleansing that uses an oil based cleanser followed by a water based cleanser (or facial wash, as we know it).

Why I love it

It does its job. No complicated stuff in there. Here’s the proof:

A simple test with Biore cleansing oil

A simple test with Biore cleansing oil



It works. Cheers

2. Gluta-C Kojic + Acne Control Facial Wash

How I use it:

I dispense a pea size amount on my palm and massage. I use a silicone facial brush to aid the cleansing process.

Kojic C Facial Cleansing Foam

Okay I know I said Pea size…but nobody’s perfect, okay?

Why I Love it:

This is a local product, which is awesome. I mentioned in this article that facial wash is one of the product you shouldn’t really spend too much on. Find one that does its job well and doesn’t irritate nor dry up your skin. This one does just that. It has whitening ingredients, which is awesome – but don’t expect too much. Facial cleansers are wash off products which gives very little time for active ingredients to work on skin (since it is rinsed off immediately).

But hey guys take note: it contains glycolic acid and salicylic acid which are powerful exfoliating ingredients. Both ingredients do not need a lot of time to sit on you face to actually work.  If you have oily to combination face, this might work great for you.

The fact that this contains vitamin C is great, but theoretically, it does little, or no benefit at all. Vitamin C are antioxidants that is best applied on skin as a leave-on product and not as facial wash formulation. If you want to make the most of vitamin C, try their other products like C20 Vitamin C Serum or  another Gluta C product, Gluta C facial day cream.

3. My Cute Silicone Facial Brush

Silicon Facial Cleansing Brush

Silicon Facial Cleansing brush at PHP 89.00 (Available in Watsons stores)

How I use it:

I brush it gently on my face to aid my cleansing.


Why I love it:

I love that it’s made of silicone and has short bristles making it very hygienic. It’s so easy to  keep this brush clean. I would always prefer this over sponges which can be breeding ground for bacteria. The bristles are rounded on the tip, which gives a very gentle feel when brushed on skin.

So that’s it for my current facial cleansing routine as of time of writing. Id like to note though that it can change in the future as I continue to try other more products. What’s your cleansing routine?

Article written by:

Anne Porter

Hi! I’m Anne. I am a chemical engineer from Cebu, Philippines. I created Zarins Beautylab because of my love for cosmetics, skin care products and all other stuff that makes me (and you) look and feel beautiful. My semesters of chemistry courses come in handy as I explain the science behind different beauty products: which works and how it works. Well, Sometimes its science and sometimes its just good ol’ common sense.

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