A blog that gets nerdy for beauty

Zarins Beautylab is created for every babe who gets nerdy for the sake of beauty. This site aims to answer questions on make-up, skin care and other beauty products  - with science!.

Zarins encourages its readers to be smart in distinguishing which products  are worth buying and what beauty practices are worth doing. Here, it's about knowing what actually works, away from beautyfads, scaremongering and deceptive marketing.


Anne Porter

Hi! I'm Anne. I am a chemical engineer from Cebu, Philippines. I created Zarins Beautylab because of my love for cosmetics, skin care products and all other stuff that makes me (and you) look and feel beautiful. My semesters of chemistry courses come in handy as I explain the science behind different beauty products: which works and how it works. Well, Sometimes its science and sometimes its just good ol' common sense.

Belle Torre

Hi! My name is Belle Torre, your average student and a young writer who’s passionate about sharing the importance of self-care. Join me and lets have a journey to loving ourselves more and being happier one step at a time 🙂